What is ProZenity

ProZenity is the natural biologic that replenishes probiotics that support emotional well-being.

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ProZenity is a probiotic formula that works naturally inside your digestive tract. It helps recalibrate your gut and your mind by replenishing microbes that are often missing in people who experience anxiety, stress or mood disorders. Scientists have known for years that our digestive system relies on beneficial bacteria to keep us healthy. The latest research shows that these microbes are essential for a healthy mind, too.

ProZenity can help you manage stress and improve your attitude, because it replenishes the specific microbes that help send signals to your brain. Taken daily, ProZenity can help you feel more positive and confident.

ProZenity was created by ProSperity Bioscience, a company dedicated to natural, sustainable health.

How does ProZenity work?

As ProZenity replenishes specific microbes in your gut, your brain naturally receives signals to release more of the chemicals that help you tackle emotional stress. It’s not a medication – it’s clinically studied strains of the “good” bacteria that your gut needs.

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Your gut is like a mini ecosystem that regulates health throughout your body. When someone’s digestive tract has more “bad” bacteria than “good” bacteria, it can lead to health problems like irritable bowel disorder or immune suppression. And new studies are showing that an unhealthy gut can also trigger anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

Case in point: most of us have experienced “stress eating.” When the “good” bacteria in our digestive tract are depleted, “bad” bacteria take over and signal us to reach for comfort foods like sugary treats or high-fat goodies. Scientists have evidence that these foods actually create more “bad” bacteria.

So, while a little “stress-eating” may give us a quick energy boost, it also sends our brains the wrong signal. We end up feeling more stressed out – it’s a vicious cycle.

But with ProZenity working to balance our guts by replenishing the “good” bacteria, our brains start to produce more of the chemicals that help us feel calm and confident.

How is ProZenity different from other probiotics?

There are literally thousands of different kinds of beneficial bacteria that help our bodies — and our brains — work the way they should. ProZenity is focused on clinically studied strains of microbes that stimulate a positive mood, strains that are often missing from those who need them most.

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Researchers have recently identified certain strains of beneficial bacteria that trigger the brain to release specific chemicals, including hormones like serotonin. Serotonin is sometimes called “the happy hormone” because it is directly related to feelings of well-being and happiness.

Those are the kinds of microbes that make up ProZenity. Think of ProZenity as a probiotic that can “feed your Zen,” because it contains microbes that have shown the ability to positively affect our moods.